Ottito, the lightweight statement manager for labels.

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The flow

OTTito is

  • A quick and simple tool for generating reports to artists
  • An analytics interface allowing you to automate and simplify the manual process of reporting and accounting
  • A reporting and analytics tool to monitor sales of your catalogue

OTTito can

  • Produce sales reports: per artist, album split by territory and / or period range
  • Export reports: in CSV and HTML
  • Easy Invoicing: Generate self billing invoices (PDF)
  • Sub-accounts for artist or managers: offer sub-accounts to check and download reports
  • Breakdown of aggregated values per artist: view reports by DSPs, product, territory, usage type and / or period
  • Send reports via email: an email notification will be send with attached report to artist
  • Trends & Analytics: Display graphs on homepage, artist page and album page (by territory, service, period or type)
  • Review historical reports log

OTTito is for

labels with both physical and digital aggregated sales report